Something to remember

Not all outcomes from one person to the next are going to be the same, when comes to TN surgery. I had someone telling me how I was going to regret the internal neurolyis, I had done on Tuesday. Honestly, I wish I had gotten it done sooner. Thing is I have had the same surgeon for all 3 of my TN surgeries. We have talked at length about the different treatments and which was the best order to take them in. I will NOT repeat any of the procedures, but I for one am grateful I have gone the route I have. I would encourage you to interview your surgeons. Ask them about the different things they do and why. One thing I love about my neurosurgeon is he would rather go in light handed and have to go in again, vice go in again and do damage.

As for the internal neruolysis I had Tuesday. I have some numbness to the left side of my face, but I do not have the constant pain TN pain to my eye and for that I am grateful