When it is vital to know your neurosurgeon's techinque

Yesterday, when the Neurosurgical Physician's assistant was talking out my stitches, she asked me how I was feeling. I told her, that I did have some numbness to the roof of my mouth that was new, but knowing what I did about internal neurolysis surgery, I expected some numbness and was fine with it, as it was slight. I also told her, this was one of those procedures I had to be super sure of the surgeons approach or I would have not gone a head as the risk of damage was great, and she agreed.

One thing I love about my neurosurgeon is his very conservative approach. He told me he would rather go in lightly, and have to redo it down the road, than go in heavy handed and create damage that could not be fixed. Sadly, I have heard too many stories of TN patients that had the nerve roughly handled during surgery and ended with life changing problems like Anesthesia Dolorosa.

Over the past five years I have had done, MVD, RfR, MVD, Internal Neurolyis, and the worst side effect I have is some very slight numbness to the roof of my mouth? Sure beats the pain of TN any day!

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Once you have had to deal with TN in your life and you get thru to the other side following a procedure or series of procedures like you have you feel like you can get thru most anything that life has to throw your way! In a sense, there is a feeling of accomplishment. I am proud of all those of us who have to make the tough decisions and face what life gives us after making those decisions rather it be good or bad.

Life "is" good


Where did you have your MVD and how long did it work for?

I had my first MVD done at the Portland, Oregon Veteran's hospital. The RfR and repeat MVD and the internal neurolysis, I had done at Oregon Health And Science University. The first MVD got the pain to the jaw and almost five years later is still working. Thing is the pain shifted. The Rfr got the pain to my check and is still working 15 months later. The repeat MVD did not find anything and I am just 15 days post-op from the Internal Neurolyis, but am finally pain free in the nerve first division. The first division is the hardest to treat due to the fact if you totally numb the nerve endings, you also put the sight in the eye at risk. The internal Neurolysis is keeping the pain at bay, but without the risk to my sight.

Student N pain, Are you in Baltimore, MD? If so, you may want to check out Johns Hopkins. I know they have some great TN neurosurgeons, but I am hearing they have a great pain management department as well.

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I definitely plan on checking out Hopkins when this semester is over. Thanks for the information regarding your procedures. I’m happy to hear they’ve all seemed to help you. That’s great!

It has been taking things one step at a time over five years, but yes it has helped. I have been blessed to have great neurosurgeons. I know many would say I am crazy for going to a neurosurgeon that just finished his residency 15 months ago, but Dr Raslan is the only one I will let cut on me. I first had him, when he was a fifth year resident assisting on my first MVD, and he is now a staff surgeon at Oregon Health And Science University. I was looking through the different blogs and discussions, and see time and time again where seniority did not end up in the person having a good outcome. I encourage people to meet with your surgeon at least once, before you agree to surgery so you can get to know them.