Around longer does not always mean better!

I have been reading something, often, that has really begun to bug me greatly!

Just because a neurosurgeon has been around longer does not always mean you are going to have a better result, when it comes to TN surgery. I have read time, and time again, where people have gone to the well known TN surgeons and had bad outcomes. One in my region of the United States often comes to mind, when it comes to this.

I encourage you to meet with the surgeon once, before you have your surgery done. I have often heard it said, we ask more questions when we buy a car, than we do of our doctors, and sadly I often find this to be true. Personally, I feel a lot of neurosurgeons see TN patients as easy marks, as we are in horrible pain. They will often come across like MVD surgery is not the hard surgery it is. I guess, when they are operating on brain cancer patients, or removing parts of a person's brain, in an attempt to keep them from dying from epilepsy, MVD surgery is pretty basic. Basic to them that is.

The neurosurgeon I have now, I first met when he was a fifth year resident, assisting on my first MVD. He finished his residency 15 months ago. Some would say I am wrong for going to such a "New" surgeon, but the fact is he is the only neurosurgeon I will let operate on me. I know I can trust him fully to be honest with me about things like the risks that come with surgery. Yes, it scared me badly to hear things like stroke, bacterial meningitis, cerebral hemorrhage, hearing loss, even death, but I knew I could trust him to be honest with me. Another thing is due to the fact he just recently finished his training, he is up on the latest of surgery techniques and is really willing to think outside of box when it comes to treatment.

I am living proof, that having a new doctor can really be advantageous when it comes to care. Being up on the latest of techniques and willing to think outside of the box when it comes to TN surgery is why I am pain free for the first time, in 18 years.

Life is good!,


They were all new doctors at one point but I would certainly feel more comfortable with one who has extensive TN surgery experience. My TN surgeon was only 33 yrs old but more important then his age to me was his experience and his absolute confidence that he could help me. I totally agree I would never allow someone to operate on me without having met them. Experienced doctors and new doctors are going to have both positive and negative results but you cant beat experience . My surgeon learned the procedure under the wing of the doctor who invented the TN surgery. Blessed to be pain free for 30 years

I hear what you are saying Ed. My neurosurgeon learned under a neurosurgeon that is one of the country's leading TN neurosurgeons. That did play a role in my considering if I would let him operate on me.

My first neurosurgeon did not do a lot of MVDs due to the fact, being at the local Veteran's hospital, he was restricted to the hospital patient base, but he did learn under the same surgeon my current neurosurgeon learned under.

I often hear of people with complications like AD being told there is nothing, outside of nerve stimulators, that can be done. Part of what I based my decision to go forward with the surgery I had done two weeks ago was the fact he had done it on patients with AD and had good results. I do not have AD, but have heard enough to realize, it is the worse of the worse TN pain. This coming from being up on the latest of techniques, and not being roped into one way of thinking. I also like the fact, he has not been around so long that he has become jaded.

I know we are asked to not mention names, but I will say this. I am hearing more and more complaints about the experienced TN neurosurgeon in my home town. That is another reason why my thinking is the way it is. Thing is while, I would not let him operate on me, I do respect he is very knowledgeable, and I have asked my neurosurgeon to consult with him concerning my case. Was told he had been consulting with him all along. I thought that is a win/win.