I have created this profile with hopes that my fiancé will utilize it. He was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia - type 2 about a month ago & is still in severe pain. I just wonder how & if anyone gets any sleep at night. Since this bout he hasn't slept longer than 2 hours (usually and hour) & then wakes up in worse pain. The doctor has upped his amitriptyline to 75 mgs before bed. Is there anything else that anyone has found helpful for sleeping? Its really been months since he has had more than a solid 2 hours of sleep & then the pacing from pain starts all over again until the pain medication kicks in again. His problem is not falling asleep...its staying asleep & he is super worn out. He would even be happy with 4-5 hours at this point. Also I should mention that they have not regulated his medication yet. They are still trying different things to hopefully find something that will give him some relief

I use Ambien 10mg. I have only taken it 1 time while I was in immediate pain. I had already take some pain meds (which you have to be careful of if you have any type of respiratory compromise). But, it did hold me for about 4 hours before I woke up in pain again....

thank you Kristen

I have been prescribed Klonopin which has helped after taking years of trazadone. My pain is severe and I do not get much sleep either, but more with Klonopin than with anything else

How about ambien? That works for me. Hope he finds relief soon, I have taken many different meds and found that lyrica150 mg. 3 times a day and lorazepam 10 mg. twice a day did the trick.

Was having this problem a week ago but able to get some sleep now- because TN pain is somewhat less but also : I take methadone because of other chronic pain issues. Methadone doesn’t help the TN, however, it makes me sleepy if I take more than is needed for pain- so I have been taking more than prescribed at night to fall & stay asleep up to 6 hours. Us TN survivors- We do what we gotta do!

Lorazepam & muscle relaxed help me get to sleep and stay asleep most of the time. I hope he can find the right med combination very soon. I know how frustrating it is, especially with lack of sleep.

Bless him. I hope they get his meds correct soon. Once they do, hopefully he will have some relief! XXOO

Thanks for all the comments. :slight_smile:
Much appreciated

I was put on a combo of Lyrica & Baclofen (muscle relaxer). The Lyrica did noting on its own but the combo of the two really helped. The Baclofen also made me tired so it did help at night. Best of luck to him.

40+ meds to try from favorites here !!!!

BUT Try NOW - call - phone for Topical Lidocaine Patches RX - NO appt. Needed - any doctor can get it for you - generic now - put them on the face for sleep --- or for day time! 12 hours at a time for many here.

ALSO - I second the Clonopin if the Lidocaine does not work