Just Another Sleepless Night

Seriously. With all the drugs I take at bedtime, I should be asleep before the kids. BUT NO! I sit here wide awake and I just don't get it. Too many things running through my brain I guess.

So, I started the Lyrica 50mg once a day last week Friday. Today I noticed that my pain has already changed. It is like a dull, hard, dead jolt. Not a sharp stabbing one.....its hard to explain. Its "heavy" like a hammer is hitting under my molars. Very strange. I just don't know if this will ever go away, or if my TN that I've had now for 7 years (spent mostly in remission) is here to stay permanently. August 19 through today has been very difficult time in my life. Most of which I was so drugged up I don't remember, although I still had pain. Anyway, I'm going to increase my Lyrica to twice a day, soon. I just have to decide what day! I'm also taking amitriptyline at bedtime, but I think I need to increase that a bit. only on a 10mg dose right now.

My emotions are still all over the place. And I still randomly cry uncontrollably. It really sucks. I have cried more in the past 2 weeks than I have in the past 10 years, no lie. I'm seeing a counselor, so I hope he can figure out whats wrong with me. I guess just the stress, pain, and everything else that goes along with Trigeminal Neuralgia is just on overload with my emotions.

Mayo Clinic didn't give me too many answers, but I do feel better about the 2nd visit with a different Neurosurgeon. He actually recommended the Lyrica (which my wonderful PA had already prescribed). My short term disability funds are going to be over & done with soon, so I'm planning on going back to work 1/2 days next Tuesday. I covet your prayers for that time!!!

The first Neurosurgeon I met with at Mayo, thought I was nuts, I think. Especially when I was explaining all my pain, and my ear pain. He told me it was neuropathy. Well I've done a little research of my own, and I'm beginning to wonder if I have Geniculate Neuralgia too. It has to do with the inner ear, and pain I was having in that area. So, who knows. This I do know, I have Trigeminal Neuralgia, whether the 1st doc said no, or not. He was wrong! The 2nd Doc said, it's definitely TN although very atypical...because of the unexplained ear pain....Geniculate Neuralgia.

Anyway, Just wanted to blog a little about what I was feeling tonight. Thanks for listening.

Love & Hugs-


Sorry Robbie. I hope you get some rest. That ear pain has plagued me as well. It is blinding and as bad as the TN. They have always just called mine Neuralgia... nice general term that really means pain, duh. Hang in there and don't let them bully you into taking some generic explanation. Peace and Hugs to you. Kristin

Robbie, Hang in there! I know the ear pain is rough. I had the same thing. I have TN and GN. I think neurologists are not familiar with TN and even less familiar with GN. My neurologist diagnosed me with TN but basically ignored all my complaints of ear pain. It wasn't until I emailed Red (on this Site) and Dr Ken Casey that I was finally given a name for my ear pain. I live in Wisconsin and considered going to Mayo clinic as well. I know they are awesome but I don't believe TN is one of their strongest areas.

I had an MVD by Dr Ken Casey in Michigan in Aug. Since that time my ear pain and face pain has decreased a lot!! I still have occasional twinges on my left (my surgical side), but it is still early, hoping for complete remission but will take what I can get. I also have TN on the right but just in one branch at this time.

As for the crying, I think a lot of it is the meds. I was on meds briefly but couldn't tolerate them, but when I was on them I was a mess....crying or sleeping all the time.

I hope you get some relief soon!

I do still take trazadone before bed, helps me sleep.

I hope you get some sleep! I know what you mean about the TN pain changing when you start a new medication. It is almost like the pain and the medication are in a weird struggle, and you can feel when the pain comes through and then when the medication is blocking it. Very strange indeed. Oy to ear pain too! Thanks for blogging.