Sleep Vs Insomnia

My dear friends,

Thank you for all your patience as I get my health back into gear.

I have gone from having complete insomnia on top of the TN to now having the overwhelming need to sleep ALL the time, if I don’t set a blaring alarm clock every day now, I will sleep up to 15 hours per day. I wake and feel that I have not slept at all.

The procedure I had to treat my bilateral TN is now wearing off and that required an increase in my meds again, causing me to shift from just the maintenance dosage to 1200 mg Gabapentin per day, 60mg Cymbalta + 800 mg Ibuprofen as my doctor has suggested. I now have to readjust to the higher meds dosages all over again.

I am having pain bilaterally now - cheek bones, jaw, & temple and as it’s 11pm here in Australia I’m going to sleep. I will be back tomorrow, I make the solemn promise that I’ll be more attentive to our site here and contribute more, it’s just so hard to function at all at present and just typing this short catch up note - I’m so fatigued my eyes actually are hurting from the effort.

I look forward to catchiing up with all my friends, both new and existing friends!

Love & peaceful hugs to all ~ & wishing us all painfree days!

Kerry xx

Don’t worry about the site. I know the need for sleep. I am sorry your pain is worse. Take care of yourself first.