Side-Effects of Gamma and MVD

Today I was having my nails done at the salon. The lady doing my nails kept tapping my hands telling me to relax my hands. I tried but my hands have a mind of their own. Before MVD when I was on sooooo many meds, I couldn't control my hands when I typed or held things like pens and utensils. Now post MVD, my hands are stiff. I had Gamma done a year before MVD. After a year past MVD, I have "side-effects". I wanted to share the issues on here because I feel there isn't enough info out there for those who chose MVD. After discussing with my neuro, he said the scar tissue from Gamma probably have something to do with some of the side-effects. I have memory issues, numbness on the right side of my head, ticks below my eye, limited taste and my hands. I also have constant ringing in the right ear. My family tell me I mis-pronounce words a lot now.

Even with all of this, I am blessed to be pain free. I would do it all again.

Has anyone else had side-effects from Gamma or MVD?