Second MVD is a success!

Hello all my fellow TN travelers....after a failed MVD I decided to have was do or die for me...Nov 29, 2012 I had my second MVD,...but this time it was to sever the nerve and that is exactly what the surgeon did...I have been PAIN FREE since, over nine months now. I have no more pain, zero, only continuous prickles on the left side of my face, it feels kinda like when your foot goes to sleep, and I have no real feeling on that side of my face, but my facial muscles work fine. The surgeon said that I was the worst TN case he had ever encountered, and TN MVD surgery is his specialty. I was ready to check out, 38 pistol loaded. I had suffered for seven years straight, but guess what, nowdays life is good and I appreciate every minute I am pain free..Im golfing again, partying again, living again, enjoying my new grandson, you name it.... still have the devil trying to send a pain spasm through my face, I can feel it when he bangs on the door, but the pain never arrives...there is no nerve to travel on. I lucked out folks and so can you....Love you all and hang in there, you can beat the TN beast too.

So Happy you have your life back, Congrats!!

How are your handling the numbness on your face?

My Dr. stated when I have the surgery, if he cannot find the offending vein, he wants permission to cut the nerve. My MRI and MRA does not show any offending vein. Scary stuff!

Would also like to know where you had the operation, etc. If you prefer, email me direct at ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■

Thanks so much,


Hi, my first MVD was performed by Dr.Steve Gianotta at USC in L.A....they found a beat up nerve rubbing on a vein...they roasted the vein away...five months later pain returned....My second MVD was performed by Dr.Alksne of UCSD San Diego, Thornton Hospital...He said the nerve was in terrible shape, possibly caused by a combination of the vein rubbing and the radiation beam from my first procedure years ago, the Gamma Knife. He also discovered another large vein (not artery) located underneath the nerve, apparently they missed this one during the first MVD...he torched it away...I had the surgery Nov 29 2012