Results of MRI

I spoke with my Dr’s office yesterday, to go over the results from my MRI. According to the report and images they received, the only finding was a fluid sac in the coronal region of my brain( which could be a completely benign finding). The other results do not clearly indicate one way or another whether there was vessel involvement or not. I’m now more worried than I was before. The pain has been coming back the last week the meds aren’t as helpful anymore. I go to see a Nuerosuergon for a consult in a couple weeks. I hope to find more answers there. Has anyone else’s MRI results been so confusing, and worrisome?

It is very normal for the MRI to show nothing at all. I would guess the majority of us who have had or have TN had a negative MRI. Is there any way for you to move up your neurosurgeons appt? As you probably know TN is a progressive disease and meds become less and less effective over time. What are you taking now you may need some adjustment in meds till you see surgeon..Good luck

Thank you Ed, I’m taking 400mg of Tegretol now. The Dr seemed somewhat apprehensive to up it that much, so my concern is she won’t want to up it any further until I’ve met with surgeon she’s referred me too. I just worry since I’m really new to this that meds becoming insufficient could be a likely reality in the near future rather than the distant.

It does take time for Tegretol to kick in but the meds over time do become less effective. With TN you just never know . You can wake up tomorrow and have the pain go into remission for awhile its so unpredictable. I know its not easy but try to not stress out over MRI readings because anxiety and stress dont help your TN. Try heat pads and other have reccomended things like various creams that have helped. Do some research on your surgeon that you are seeing to make sure he has significant experience with TN. If you have to wait a couple of weeks you want to be waiting for someone who is very knowledgeable with TN....Hang in there and do your best to try and relax.....ED