Repeat MVD and Internal Neurolysis in 3 weeks

In 3 weeks I am having a repeat MVD and a Internal Neurolysis. Internal Neurolysis is not a common TN surgery, but my neurosurgeon told me he has done it on a number of patients with AD, who had good outcomes. I have TN1. For 45 years the nerve , in my case, was crushed by bone due to a congenital birth defect. The surgery does not look for compressions, but scaring and adhesions. When I goggled the procedure, it often came up as this is the surgery done to treat Carpal Tunnel syndrome. I am not excited about having my brain opened up again, but I am hopeful. I had complications with my first MVD, and the surgeon is going to take steps to keep them from happening again. He will not wait for the CSF leak out the nose to start before he starts me on the lumbar drain. I will be back to being in bed for 23 1/2 hours a day not being able to lift my head off the pillow. I will be kept in the hospital for 4 -7 days.

My neurosurgeon told me the Neurolysis is not a cure, but could give me 3-4 years of pain relief. Oh, how happy I would be for just one day of total pain relief!

Hi Saraiderin, your story is very interesting as I suffer with bilateral TN and had my first MVD last Oct on my right side. I am having my second MVD on the left side on WED (23rd Oct) and am now beginning to get very anxious about it, as I too had complications with the first MVD due to scaring to my brain and adhesion's wrapped around the trigeminal nerve. So long as all goes well with my next MVD my NS said he will then begin discussions about what he can do for my right side as he feels there are possibly still some adhesion's wrapped around the nerve. I've not heard of Internal Neurolysis so I will definitely be looking this up!

Hope all goes well for you in 3 weeks