Remission and surgery

HI everyone,

I am booked for MVD surgery any day now. Most likely right after Christmas and it appears that I'm going through a bit of a remission. My question is should I not have the surgery until the pain rears it's ugly head again? If i am in remission does that mean when the surgeon goes in there won't be anything to correct? I'm still feeling twinges off and on,but I haven't had severe attacks for a couple of weeks now.

Whilever the nerve is being compressed, and the longer it is compressed, the more chance of permanent damage to the nerve, thus making a future mvd surgery less chance of being successful. This is what my neuro told me, and what I have learnt from hours of researching. Even if you have less pain now, do tests show any signs of compression? If you trust your surgeon, they should be able to give you answers. All the best if you go ahead with the mvd. It certainly helped me, although I am having small amount of pain now, it is nowhere near as bad as 12 months ago!

I had a similar situation happen to me. I had suffered with TN pain for 8 years till it became unmanageable. In Dec of 1983 I sat in a lounge chair in pain 24 hours a day for the entire month. The month prior I finally found a neurosurgeon who knew what I had and advised me he could help me by doing an MVD. My surgery was schedule for New Years Eve 1983. The day before my pain stopped. having had TN pain for 8 yrs I knew this was just a temporary remission and it would be back in a week..a month..3 months...not sure when but IT WOULD BE BACK. I went through with the surgery and have been pain free for 30 yrs. One thing for certain TN does not cure itself and doesnt go away on its own. If you have a highly qualified surgeon and your symptoms are those of TN or your MRI showed compression I would not hesitate to proceed with the surgery that could cure my problem for life. Its a very personal decision that only you can make but just know the TN is not gone its temporarily in hiding

your compression can go in remission ---- I went into remission when I booked my MVD--DIDN'T think twice -- was worth it

- it took 2 years to stop hurting -no pain no meds!!!!

usually it takes 1 year for all things to settle down in your head.!

Let us know how it goes after you sleep for a couple weeks!

Yes,go for it now!It will come back probably stronger than ever.You are lucky to go into remission because it will be so much more comfortable for you as far as the preop procedures ect...Good luck!