I’ve had type 2 pain every single day for the past 9 months. However the past 3 days the pain is minimal to almost none and I’ve gone from taking 8 pills a day to 2. Is this what’s known as the “remission” period? I have to admit it’s absolutely wonderful to not have the extreme burning pain that I’ve become accustomed to but I’m scared to death of it coming back and possibly being worse. Just curious if this is what’s known as remission??

Hey, if it is or if it isn't who cares? It's not pain so just roll with it! I've had a few periods of remission as well but not for a year or so. Just enjoy whatever this is!

When mine comes back it's just " different." I seem to have experienced just about everything.

I am thankful for any day that is pain free! I used to have pain every single day now I have good days and bad days. I have bilateral ATN and it just keeps changing and morphing into new pain in new locations. My DR told me that if I go six weeks with absolutely ZERO pain then I can try to very, very slowly reduce med to see if pain comes back and keep doing that if it doesn't.

I first had ATN when I was 29 for about a year. It went away for seven whole years and came back two years ago when I was 37. My mom also has TN. She last had it for eight straight years and it went away five years ago. It certainly can happen so never give up!

I have also found that winter is really horrible for me...summer seems to be a lot better so hopefully this one will be. I can go a few days with low or no pain and then be in agony for a week. Count your blessings for any break that you get but don't be too disappointed if it comes back. Because TN is progressive there are usually more periods of remission at the beginning.

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