Reminder: Please don't recommend Medication or Treatments if you are not a doctor

Folks - just a friendly reminder to please not recommend treatment options or medications. We are not doctors and these decisions are best left up to an individual patient and their doctor. It’s fine to discuss these things but safety is our number 1 priority and to be safe, everyone has to make decisions in conjunction with their doctors.

This is a beautiful community, one that I’m incredibly proud to be a part of. We’re growing so fast that I thought this reminder was appropriate. Please pass it on to our next 1,000 members. :slight_smile:


Scott & Ben

An appropriate post. How about coping strategies?

Thanks Kathy. Of course on coping. there is tons of info on the site!

I know we have to be careful how we word things when it comes to treatments. Do you think it would be safe if we said "This is what helped me, you might want to ask your Dr. about it" or "this medication is often used for TN, but check with your Dr." Of course they'd have to check with a Dr. to get any procedure or prescription anyway. So should we stop even mentioning vitamins? Or can we mention them if we say they should always check with their Dr. before trying anything? If we can't mention any treatments, then the support group has lost 90% of the reason people come seeking some kind of answers. Most of the TN group mentions various surgeries and procedures and what meds people have found that helps them the most.

Hi Sheila, it's impossible to police everything. the idea is that everyone should absolutely consult with their doctor on anything they are considering. thanks for caring so much!

OIC, gotcha. thanks.

I am posting to this so this post comes back up. Another thing to take in mind also, is your out come may not be the other person's, and to make "I" statements. Knowing I was in my hospital bed just a couple of days after surgery I had a person post, and I quote, " I just know you will regret having the surgery done." Talk about hurt and angry. The only regret I have is not having the internal neurolyis done sooner