Reiki and TN

I thought there might be a few people who would be interested in reading about my experience with Reiki. I was suffering with TN and trying to find something (anything!!!!) that would help. I came across a site for my now teacher Jenny. I was drawn towards trying this.

Reiki is a form of energy healing. Clearing the meridians in your body and helping you to heal yourself.

I did my first degree course in Reiki in 2008. I could not believe how great this made me feel. It sorted out so many emotional problems that I did not realise I had! Later that year I did my second degree course in order to help others (that allows you to practise on the public).

I felt so much calmer about having TN. When having attacks I could use Reiki on myself which seemed to help. I became brave enough to go through an MVD which I don't think I ever could have before. Unfortunately, it did not work. Still I remained positive I believe through the Reiki.

In 2011 I trained as a Reiki Master/Teacher so that I can teach others how to help themselves.

I would highly recommend to you to try a Reiki treatment to see if it helps you. Even better - take a course so that you have this energy system with you forever!

Thanks for sharing!
Mimi xx

I’m trying Reiki next week! Thanks to you!

Hi Edi

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!!! I hope it helps you.


I’ll keep you posted!