Referred pain


First of all I would like to thank everyone who responded to my previous post in April. I am still waiting for my appointment at the pain clinic which is part of the neurology department in my local hospital so I am hopeful this will be a one stop shop.

Has anyone experienced what I believe to be referred pain?

The pain on the top right of my face has not changed significantly but I am getting similar pain in the bottom right teeth there are two crowns and a slightly impacted wisdom tooth , I last had this checked out by my dentist 6 weeks ago and she could not find anything wrong.

I was considering visiting another dentist to get a second opinion but wanted to check if it was possible to have pain on the top and bottom teeth with this condition (as yet not diagnosed in my case).


I have pain that started with my teeth feeling like they were trying to push each other out of my mouth. Then the jaw pain, ear pain, cheek pain, neck pain and now eye pain. I had all kinds of root canals and fillings. It was suggested I get braces and then surgery for TMJ. I did have an artery biopsy and sinus surgery. Also had ear surgery. None of these procedures helped. I was diagnosed finally after nearly 20 years of pain. I am waiting on a referral to a neuro-surgeon. I am on Neurontin 600 mg 3 times a day to keep the pain at bay. I still have some breakthrough pain but am in therapy to deal with this. Good luck in your journey.

Hi Rob,

this pain can go EVERYWHERE in your face. I know that's not comforting to hear. I've even had it in my ear, and down my neck and into my chest.

It might be referred pain, or it might be damage in another part of the nerve.

hope this helps a bit.