Radiofrequency treatment for GPN

Does anybody have any idea on Radiofrequency treatment for GPN. Please send me across the information and side effects of the same.

I haven’t heard anything about RFA in this location, but was offered the procedure in another area and chose not to have it done. Unfortunately, I did talk to a few people who had the procedure in other areas and they ended up worse than they started. Since I truly did not think I could survive anything worse, I chose to keep it in my back pocket in case I got to the point I really could not see me dealing with it anymore. I think surgery should always be a last resort. That’s just my humble opinion. I also think it is smart to keep an ongoing conversation with our doctors so that we do whatever we need to make sure those surgical options remain options for us. I had one instance where I was offered a procedure and passed on it because I wasn’t ready. When I finally had prepared myself, the doctor told me I couldn’t have it done anymore.

Lots of things to consider and talk about…

Good luck. I hope others here will chime in with better things to say. I am really interested in your question too. :slight_smile: