Post MVD question

I am 4 weeks post MVD today. I think I’m recovering pretty well. I had meningitis 1 week and took 14 days of steroids for it. Recovered well from that. I have more incisional and neck pain than anything. I have had numbness in the V2 (maxillary) branch since I woke up from surgery. That’s where most of my pain was. It is bothersome but so much better than pain, so I guess if it is permanent I can learn to liv with it. In the last few days, I have had some burning and tingling in addition to the numbness. My rational mind says maybe that’s the nerve healing. My almost PTSD TN survivor mind says OMG, what if it’s coming back? Just wondered what anyone else’s experience was like. My paternal grandmother had TN also. She had what I think was a rhizotomy in her 50’s and lived to be 91. Her face was numb. She never complained much about it. Was just glad to be rid of pain. I keep telling myself that if she could adjust I can too, I’m 41 btw.

I would always suggest you contact your surgeon with any concerns, but that being said, I h ave had MVDS on both sides, and the true healing process is a long one. It can take a year, or more, to really be pain free.
Try to be patient, and get plenty of rest!

It does take up to a year to get everything to settle down… Took me a little longer, but now pain free almost 3 years. Have to relax…

i had PTSD from the meds and the shocks…still after MVD was done.

Keep checking in!

Thank you. I know as much, but it helps to hear it from other survivors. Cause that’s what we are…survivors.