Please, i am scared, a new blog, by kathryn :

I am SO SORRY for Kathryn and anyone that is where she is right now.,it is such an awful feeling. I am so thankful that I was never treated like my tn, neuropathic facial pain,tmj, ect. was the cause of depression, after 22 years of this, HECK YEAH!!! What happens if you do get put in a psych ward? Kathryn said they did nothining for her tn,what if you are in TERRIBLE PAIN and your screaming out like you do at home sometimes when the pain is out of control?They really are just going to do nothing? I DO NOT UNDERSTAND NONE OF THIS ANYMORE! I Thought I had some kind of understanding of this disease,the meds, side affects, some depression, I have to live a whole different way of life . OK, I get it and I have learned to stay in the house to avoid unnecessary attacks. My life is now WAY MORE THEN I AM ABLE TO HANDLE WITHOUT HELP I LIKE KATHRYN DON'T KNOW WHO TO ASK
I DON'T HAVE A CLUE WHAT KIND OF HELP I NEED!! I don't know who to trust anymore. I was told by the psychiatristlast Tuesday with in 48 hrs. he would have someplace to send me. Yeah right! I did tell him then on the 21st how sucicidal I was! DO THEY REALLY NOT CARE? Today is the 27 th! I have called 3 times. I know they sent 2 emergency ASAP notes back and they had no response. My family Dr. I am afraid to go see right now, but he wouldn't see me anytime in the last 4 weeks for an emergency because he is LEAVING! The anxiety is worse then the pain today.IT SCARES ME!! I REALLY DON'T WANT TO DIE!!!! I have told all of my drs. I don't expect to be without pain,There is nothing that has helped my tn1 and somehow over the years I have somehow learned to accept it and I deal with it. Tn2 is another story, Some of it I can handle but when it gets to a certain point. NOT NO MORE!!! I AM AT SUCH A LOSS! MY HEARTS GOES OUT TO ALL THE KATHRYN'S EVERYWHERE! I don't know will happen in my situation.I did call our local news this morning and have not heard anything back yet. Hope to be back and with some good news. FEELING PRETTY HOPELESS!!!

your comments have touched me and my heart aches for you. My TN has not flared up sinced Jan when I landed in the hospital, but nothing like you describe. I had never heard of this awful deseise until 2 1/2 years ago when I felt those stabbing pains in my face. Life is worth living and God is good.

The tricyclic anti depressants Nortriptyline and Amitriptyline are known for treating type 2 pain. Maybe you can get an appointment with another primary care physician and check into these...They do help. I hope you feel better soon. ..

Dawn, you trust yourself and you continue to advocate for YOU, despite the pain, despite everything else. If you’ve tried to reach out to doctors and your physchiatrist with no result then place a direct call to a suicide prevention line, let them direct you and offer you resources in your local area . It takes great strength to admit we need help, no shame in that . Don’t stop until someone will listen.
Know that we are all here for you, and we understand your frustrations and your pain.
Sending you positive thoughts and great big gentle ((( hugs )))
Please keep in touch, and let me know how things go. We will get through this together…

Dear God of all creation I lay at your feet Kathryn . Lord please direct her to the right help, someone who can lead her to the right physicians and medication . We don't know why you allow some of us to be inflicted with this but we do know that you love us and if we can use this to help others please do that . This can make us bitter unhappy people, help us to see the blessings that you have given us even in the midst of our suffering. In Jesus Name . Amen