Pain In the Gum!


My TN was diagnosed after I'd seen my dentist and the emergency dentist who both x rayed the tooth and assured me it was fine. The next day I saw my doctor who diagnosed TN after I told her that the various painkillers I'd tried were not having any affect at all. I'm now taking tegretol which has taken away the electric shock like pain and I'm able to eat using that tooth. However when I press on the gum above the tooth there is pain there. I also get numbness in my face on the right side which comes and goes (have a previous post about this). I can't help wondering if there is a problem with my tooth after all!! I'm especially worried as we go to California in a fortnight for 3 weeks and obviously I don't want to be ill - (just enjoy as much as I can even though the tegretol makes me tired and a bit dizzy)

Hope this makes sense as its hard to think with my fuzzy head!

Hi, Vonny,

If you have had a positive response to Tegretol and there is no X-ray evidence of abscess, then I'd suggest that you go to California without worrying. The pain in your gum may well be a trigger zone, which is common with both types of TN. The numbness might indicate either generalized parasthesia of unknown cause, or an element of atypical TN mixed with the typical TN of your electric shock pain.

Thanks Red - thats what I thought but what with fuzzy head and everything I begin to doubt myself !!