Pain Free Whiile Sleeping

Does anybody else experience relief from TN2 while asleep? Usually when I lay down at night I have to settle in and go to sleep before the pain stops. When I wake up I am almost always pain free. Sometimes all I have to do is sit up and BOOM there it is. Sometimes I take a few steps and BOOM. Today I was up for a good 20 minutes before it hit me like a slap in the face. Was just curious if anybody else had similar experience...

I never have pain in my sleep, and it is come back shortly after I wake up.

i typically never have pain while i sleep. last week though i had a huge zap which woke me up. only time in over two years so not bad. i am very thankful for the relief sleep offers. happy you are experiencing pain free nights.

I know just what your talking about I have woke up for the last 20 yrs. being jolted out of bed everytime I wake up except for 24 days in that time period that my pain was in remission, I guess. I know how awful that is. Wishing you the best, Dawn

It truly is a bizarre disease. I have tried to explain to people...all the while looking at them knowing they could never really get it. I'm so grateful for peaceful pain free sleep, most of the time. Dawn...20 years...goodness. Have you ever had any procedures? Jamie - yes, I often sleep until 11am. I used to pop out of bed and hit the day running. Now, I slowly creep out of bed and get meds, coffee and a quiet 30 minutes. I've only been married a year and a half. This relapse happened in July. But...truly grateful for peaceful, refreshing sleep.

Yes! No pain while I am sleeping either, and for a little while after I wake up, except a few days ago, I rolled over on my bad side and just my face hitting the pillow triggered a shot of pain, which set up the whole day of bad pain. I wish I could just sleep non stop. It feels like the only relief. I thought I was the only one. At least there is some relief. Maybe if we can get whatever chemical there is in our body chemistry that is produced during sleep, it could be the new pain relief med! :slight_smile:

if we could bottle that we would all be rich!!

Hi Jillian, (and all)

For the most part, I am pain free when I am sleeping as well. It is delightful I must say, considering that all of my waking hours aren't any fun and I am always in pain/suffering. There are nights when I cannot go to sleep for hours, so I sleep very little. Then there are other nights that I am in so much pain when laying down I get up and sit in the couch recliner and end up sleeping there. My favorite nights are the ones when I exhaust myself during the day (even though its tough on me) and I can snuggle up with my honey and fall right asleep.

DOES ANYONE ELSE HAVE THIS ISSUE?? I don't know if others have this problem but when I am in so much pain and I lay down and my good side, the pressure goes through my face to the bad side and makes it so much worse, it sends me through the roof. I end up in the couch recliner on those nights as well. I have the greatest pillow, so it's not that. It is just the sensitivity of it all. Anytime I touch certain parts of the left side (good side) of my face I feel the pressure on the right. Dr. Casey says it is normal. I have had 2 damaging procedures and all the side effects that go with them. (oh, I had all 3 branches done on the right in 9/11 and again in 12/13)

Goodness Jodi. Take care. I often fall asleep in my chair too

Opposite for me, I wake up with the pain in my ear. Have only had one episode that started after I got up.