Pain and Swelling relief-Gallixa


I cannot be more excited about this molecule combination put into a cream. I have used it since Friday when it arrived. My pain level was reduced by 50%-75% within the first 10 min of application. Improves my headache and scalp pain as well. After the 1st night I noticed great improvement with the swelling associated with ATN and swelling in my eyes. After several days my swelling is staying 75% lower than it has in 2years trying everything else anti-inflammatory and anti-pain.

This Stuff Works Great!! Please try it. I promise it will help. Read up on the research pages it gives enough info for doctors to be able to prescribe it in an oral form or even a mouthwash would be fabulous. But just the cream on my cheek and ear/temple area is AWSOME!!! You do not need a prescription to by the cream I purchased.

With All My Love,