Pain after MVD for GPN

I had an MVD June 13. I am off all meds except for 500mg Tylenol twice a day. I’ve tried going without it and can’t. I did go down to 2 instead of 3 a day. I skipped it last night and had a bad night. Also woke up in pain. Took a Tylenol and am feeling better now. It must be surgical pain for Tylenol to work because it never worked on the nerve pain before surgery. Also have not regained my ability to taste sweet. Any thoughts?

I’m not familiar with Tylenol but to have come off all meds sounds good. Why don’t you check with your neurosurgeon/neurologist about the pain and see what they suggest. Good luck.

April have you regained your ability to taste sweets? Curious because it took me 6 months or so to fully recover normal voice etc., after my MVD surgery.

No not well. Actually a csf leak was found and I had it sealed through same incision Nov 7, then vomiting after caused a hematoma, blood clot and my incision to open up, so back to surgery Nov 21. Still having taste issues, fluid down back of throat and dizziness. MRI shows same continued fluid. I have appt tomorrow to discuss MRI and what to do if still leaking. Really stinks. Getting shocks across top of head as well.