MVD Surgery

Hello everyone,

I am new to the group. I have been living with TN2 for several years. Since the beginning of the year my medications have not been effective. My pain has worsen and I have had more frequent attacks. My wife and I talked with a Neurosurgeon and I am scheduled to have the MVD Surgery on July 6. My wife and I are hopeful that the surgery will give some kind of pain relief.

Even with the hope of surgery on the horizon I still have doubts. I find myself trying to convince myself it must be something other than TN2. Even though I have seen Dentists, Allergists, ENTs, and finally a Neurologist who diagnosed me I still worry about it being something else. I have had MRIs (one recently) and for several years responded well to medications. Has anyone else ever struggled with accepting that the diagnosis is correct?

I have been wondering the same thing. I was hoping to get info about it. Good luck to you!

Hi David9, I am suffering from Trigeminal trauma, for 2 and a1/2 years, Due to a dentist accident, using to many anesthetic injection, one of them heart my nerve. I am using now Gabapentin pills twice a day and it helps but can not live without it. I am looking forward to do the MVD Surgery.
Friend of mine that had worse condition did it in Israel. and told me that she is 100% cured.
Watch the video of Dr. Jan Sustiel how he does the surgery.
Ask your Dr. if I am a good candidate for this type of surgery, I do not have TN but I have Trigeminal trauma on one side of my face
. Numbing lips, Lost taste and smell senses. I have awful sensations, Can not chew my food well, I am very depressed.
Good luck with your Surgery, You ll feel great after that.