Oregano Essential Oil and TN or GN

I recently read that Oregano essential oil or oil of Oregano can help with neuralgia. Has anyone tried this and had any sort of relief from your symtoms? Just curious before I attempt to make and/or buy some. Thanks!

Hi RueAnn,

I have not tried oregano, but i use peppermint essential oil that helps take the edge off. There is other oils listed for neuralgia in my book but oregano is not listed. People react to the oils in different ways. Sometimes you can get a sample to try before buying a big bottle.



What book are you referring to? Do you use the peppermint oil topically?


I also purchased PURE peppermint oil and rub inside mouth near pain area. Be careful, it’s strong. I think the sensation of it takes mind off of pain a little. I keep in the cabinet. I purchased in bakery section in grocery. I’m for anything that helps bring pain down a few notches. :slight_smile: good luck! D


With pure peppermint oil you can cut it with coconut oil as a carrier if it is too strong down to 3% and use as a topical. I do use full strength sometimes and it will make my eyes water if i get it to close.


I use the book Modern Essentials Usage Guide.