One year MVD anniversary coming up!

It’s been almost a year since the MVD. My surgery was December 28th, and I rang in the new year with the nurses.

Before the surgery, I had a mixture of type1 and type2 symptoms, and for me, the MVD eliminated the worst of the type1 problems with my face/jaw. I still have an enormous amount of sensitivity on that side, including face and head, and my eye and ear on the right side are zinging right along still, but it’s fairly manageable with Neurontin+Trileptal. Would I go through the surgery again? You bet. This is on top of an absolutely miserable surgical experience (shouldn’t the “Nurse Call” button on a bed in ICU WORK???).

Happy New Year (almost)!

Happy Anniversary!

I’m glad the surgery worked well for you.

It must feel amazing to be rid of the TN pain.

I hope you have a lovely Christmas,

Love Jo X x