Oh dear

So I’m not a massively emotional personal, especially when it comes to work, I’m the type who tries to smile and make a joke like everything in the world couldn’t be better regardless what’s going on inside. But today was a bad day, work issue really upset me and in being close to tears then flared up my pain, not sure if it was the effect of overly full sinuses through the attempts not to cry as I’ve been doing well with pain since my last procedure. But it really hit me and with the emotional stuff from work I was already dealing with has made this one very bad day! Does crying help or hurt? Would if have hurt less if I’d have had the release of crying…am I making the pain worse by being unemotional? I don’t want to get upset again to test this theory but has anyone else had flare ups through holding back the tears? Or is crying worse? Hoping tomorrow is a better day!!!

I wish I knew what was worse. I DO think that when my sinuses are acting up, my TN is worse. And when I cry, my sinuses swell up. BUT on the other hand, I think when your blood pressure rises, your TN acts up as well. It's like damned if you do and damned if you don't.

True, just wish there was a definitive list of what to do and not to do! Maybe one day :)

Hey, stess is definitely a huge trigger for our TN pain. crying doesn't help, but we can't necessarily help that. My doctor recently put me on Klonopin to help me deal with stress. I had been taking xanax for many years and now I only have to take one pill a day and I'm much calmer, less affected by everyday stresses. I still have stresses that I can't control and my pain gets a lot worse, for that I have Tramadol and if necessary I can take an opiate tho I try not to use opiates. The RX cream works pretty good too, but then I just lay down with an ice pack or something. I do not work. That makes life easier for me as well. Fortunately our household has never needed another income and while I worked as an u/w photographer and sports, it wasn't the kind of money one could necessarily life on. Take good care of yourself. Always seek calm when you can. We can only affect those things that are within our circle of influence. Anything outside of that we have to just let go. I've got to think that holding back tears just increases the stress. Have a blessed day.