Noise is so destructive

hi all, I have TMD, hyperacusis, tinnitus, also damage to my trigeminal nerve and vestibular nerve. As you can see these problems are all in the same area and apart from the TMD are to do with my ears. I have had TMD for many years without too much problem. 8 years ago I got hyperacusis and tinnitus. in feburary this year I got trigeminal damage from prolonged dental drilling, then in june this year I got vestibule nerve damage from being trapped with a ambulance siren. and last of all 4 weeks ago all the neighbours had firework partys that went on for 2 weeks. At the time I was very ill with the worst flu virus I have ever had and was in bed most of the time during these fireworks. So for the past month all my ear problems have become extreme, unbearable and I am morbid. ( apologies if I am not allowed to say that) because I was ill and in bed I was not wearing earplugs or ear muffs which I do a lot of the time, and its horrid wearing them. my problems are all caused by noise trauma. now I am mostly trapped at home because symptoms get worse with each trauma. my home was my refuge but after the fireworks, I don't feel safe anywhere.

I am hoping that by keeping this blog online it will give me some comfort and maybe talk to some other people who have similar problems.

I have withdrawn into myself and I cannot talk to anyone about this because it is too unbelieveable.

here are a list of my symptoms, I hope by some miracle that I can improve on my condition with time. also I have a GP appointment tomorrow, seems like the most important one of my life to try to get some help. I have tried gabapentin and tegretol but they give me violent headaches which I all ready suffer from. I am trying to take meds for the dizziness and nausea. I have...........

constant screaming in ears, extreme sensitivity to sound,ear aches,burning face, pain in face and upper gums teeth, violent headaches, very bad nausea, and I am very giddy all the time.,have developed motion sickness and watching the tv is difficult if they move the camera about.

as I start my journey to improvement I hope to look back at this blog and see how far I have come.

I cannot believe the past month, I keep hoping I am having a nightmare and that I will wake up soon. thanks for reading. anyone out there with these problems?


thankyou for your comment, I know exactly how it is for you. unfortunately there seems little anyone can do for extreme sensitivity to sound but... some people find tinnitus retraining therapy helps. I find that other people find it difficult to understand but I have excepted that now. I cannot cope with the sound of traffic now so spend my time indoors. plastic bags, and Velcro are difficult too. you have classic hyperacusis like me.