News Update: Remember to check out the blogs everyone :) GPN now has 405 active members; anyone interested in Moderating?

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick note to remind folk to check out the blogs - I haven't worked out how to feature blogs yet..

Taxlady, who is 92 and joined this week has asked advice on MVD's and Lizzy, also new, is a singer with GPN. Please say hi to our newest members and help them feel welcome. The GPN community now has 405 active members globally!

Also, if anyone is interested in becoming a Moderator on the Ben's Friends communities - please send me a note - its always great to have a few Moderators covering a few time zones for each community..

I'm hoping some of you guys will post some of your Halloween celebrations coming up.. Be great to see what you all get up to...

All the best,