Newly Diagnosed / Story / Questions

Hi All,

I'm a 52 yr old male former athlete in otherwise good health (I think) newly diagnosed (Thursday) and also think I have geniculate symptoms and TN I've had it for 5 months - total hell. Sudden violent onset the day after hurting my neck - preceded by a lot of neck pain and degeneration and TMJD. Heavy throat and face spasms along with gastric spasms and heavy salivation, etc. In addition to severe tongue and throat pain / spasms, I've got ear , around ear, eye, jaw, head, etc pain - heavy salivation, swallowing issues, teary eyes, constant burping - all mostly on the left side but some on the right side - tongue pain is most severe on right for some reason.Had a CT scann for suspected Eagles Syndrome - no clear Eagles but found a C1 articlulation with the left occiput. Not sure if this is related to GPN yet. Or, if that is going to be a problem for surgery. I'm hoping to get into to see a neurosurgeon at Emory here in Atlanta soon and am going to try to see Dr Horowitz in Pittsburg asap. . I'm on a small dose of tegretol now which is helping already and I'm getting a brain MRI w/contrast and w/o contrast next Thursday and hope to see the neurosurgeons shortly after that.

I've been trying to research this condition and the procedures, etc. Seems like GPN is so rare that there are not a lot of surgeons that treat this condition. What are the benefits and risks of nerve sections? It seems like I've seen a few negative results from sections...? Are all MVD Docs the same during surgery with respect to analyzing / treating all potential problem nerves? Or do some go in only for the IX and / or X?