Newbie and gum surgery

So, hello all

I have a few questions for you. My sister also has TN - anyone else have this in their family? My sister does botox injections and finds some relief.

I am 50 years old with Fibromyalgia and have had TN at least 10 years with the last 2 years really tough. Diagnosed by Neurologist a year ago. I am on 900 mg of Gabapentin - more on other days. I get numb and facial swelling on the left side. Seems to be triggered by stress so far. Does anyone else get the burning and swelling? Yesterday my eyelid was half closed. Boo! I have had the electrical pains a few times and it brings me to my knees for sure. Anywhooo? Due to teeth grinding I need to have gum replacement surgery and I am TERRIFIED. Please let me know what you know and share any suggestions. My neurologist says there is no connection. I pray to heaven above that GOD will take this away from us.