New pain

Hi all
Just started a new pain about a month ago didn’t think it worth mentioning until now. It’s a pain from moving my mouth. Opening, closing, talking, chewing, touching my lip, drinking but it’s pretty much always there. Tegratol helps but only if I take a dose that prevents me from driving, working etc. Anyone else have this? I wonder if it’s a different problem. It makes it so hard to talk and smile and trust me in retail that’s what they want. TN pain always does the same too but now it’s if I move my mouth at all. Same tn has become worse? New different problem? Maybe my jaw is messed up? It’s all day break through pain of my regular meds. I have an mri Friday so we shall see then I’m sure but I was just wondering if anyone else has had the same symptoms. Thanks

Just to add to that. Most of the pain seems to stem from anything ever touching my lower lip including cups, my upper lip or tongue when talking, cold air etc. Most of the pain is in the back of my jaw and deep inside my ear. I know it sounds crazy but…

Pierre, believe it or not…nothing is crazy with TN. The pain does change…or it’s in addition to what you normally experience. There’s no rhyme or reason it’s just TN.
Only a few times have I had TN pain or lightening shocks of pain that are caused when I eat, drink, talk brush teeth etc, each time I’ve only just had to increase my meds for it to resolve. BUT as you mention, by increasing my meds it takes away my ability to work, drive and be independent…I’ve been off work now for two years on LTD through my work insurance as a result.
I hope you’re able to just slightly increase your med ( with doctor approval) to alleviate your new pain. (( hugs )) Mimi

I am not sure if the symptoms I relate are similar to what your experiencing, but previous to my mvd in July (which totally corrected my TN condition), I had pain in the lip that was electrical and stabbing in nature initiated by the vibration of talking, touching my lip with eating or brushing my teeth, smiling could also trigger it. the pain could vary between seconds to minutes and it would take me 3 times as long to eat or brush my teeth just because I had to be aware of where I was touching my mouth as to not set the break thru pain off. Medications eventually had no affect on the pain and that is when I resolved to correction surgically. I will be interested to hear your results following the mri. Make sure they inject contrast to be able to visualize the vascular component.