New meds - Trileptal (generic is Oxcarbazepine)

Just started on Trileptal last night. Well, I’ve taken in before, but it was at the beginning of my TN adventure and I don’t remember why we stopped it. I would like to use the comments section of this to keep track of anything new going on with meds.

I’m supposed to take it b.i.d., but the first two days, only take it at night. So, last night was day 1. It made me a lot sleepier than normal, but the pain is still there. May need to take a few days to get into my system.

Lots of pain today. Not sure why. I did eat a bit, but not more than usual. It seems like it’s just a continuation from yesterday. Still on dilaudid.

Here’s what happened with the Dilaudid. Since the Tegretol problem and being admitted into the hospital, I have been taking two 2mg pills every 4 hours PRN, including waking up at night to take it. All this was also during and after the GKRS. At my last doctor appt on Thursday, Dr. W gave me an Rx for one 4mg pill every 4-6hrs PRN. But when I went to the pharmacy, all they had were 2 and 8 mg pills, so they gave me 8mgs, with a score on it to break it in half, with the instructions to take one 1/2pill every 4-6hrs as need. SO, I am praying that I remember to break them in half and not accidentlaly take two 8mg pills!!! I’m so used to taking 2 pills.

Actually, what I’m praying is that with the new Trileptal, I don’t need to take them at all. :smiley:

Back to the Trileptal. I was very very wobbly on my feet last night after I took it around 8pm. I will take it at bedtime tonight instead.

oh my goodness, i’m the same way! i have the morning, noon, evening and bedtime containers, i have a little booklet i keep on my arm, and a pen around my neck, a watch with 4 alarms on it, and a dad, mom and boyfriend who bug me about it periodically. Ugh! same with me, even then i still mess up my hours. it’s a lot of work for people who have terrible memories and confusion, isn’t it? ugh.

Same to you Ro~! :slight_smile:


trileptal doesn’t seem to be doing much good, so dr. wolff upped me to 2 pills 2x/day. that’s 1200 mg a day! whoa! just realized that. holy crow.

hi ro! yes, the booket helped me tremendously! the booklet doesn’t help if you don’t remembe rwhere the booklet is, so my sister made me that armband thing i was talking about. lol it’s a super duper small moleskine notebook with lines, and i put a little legend in the front so i can remember what the initials stand for (L for lyrica, Bc for baclofen, Bn for benadryl, D for Dilaudid, (needed it after the hopstial), T for trileptal, etc. and also put a note there about what my drug regimen is supposed to be… eg, 2 Trileptal 2x a day at 7a and 7p, 1 lyrica 3x a day at 7a 3p and 11p, etc. Then, each day ip ut the date at the top or wherever it lands, and under that i put an Rx, the words Taken and Next for what I took, the time i took it and when i have to take it next. the reason i do that last one is so that if i’m in pain, i can immediately look at it and see at a glance if i have to wait, or if i missed it. So, the last three entries are

July 8, 2009
Rx Taken Next
T 2@7p 2@ 7a
L 1@11p 1@ 7a
Bc 1@11p 1@ 7a
D 1/2@11p PRN (you probably know that means as needed)
D 1/2@3:30a PRN

it didn’t take ling for my sisiter to whop up the arm thing. it just wraps around my forearm and has a pocket for the pen and the booklet. it is too big for me, so i only use it if i don’t have apocket. but she is going to come out and we’re going to work on them together. she’s going to make me a blue one too. we thought about marketing them. we have great ideas for names. :slight_smile:

when i was taking a LOT of meds every 3 hours, it really really helped me. man, i can’t tell you how much. now that i’m taking them a lot more regularly at more even numbered hours and actually only at 7a, 3p, 7p and 11p, it is much easier to track. however, i still need help, so i still use it. :slight_smile: i can calso write down any pain i’m feeling or anything like that and keep it with me when i go to the neuro.

pretty cool, eh? my sister’s idea. she rocks. the pen kept falling out, so i got a pen that goes around my neck from Staples.

crap, my formatting didn’t turn out. :frowning: