Neurosurgeon today!

I am so happy to finally get to hear what my options are. I have had such a sinus/migraine since yesterday. I usually rub my face to alleviate pressure when I have headache. Now I cant even touch that side of my face. I am also having 2nd part of jaw replacement surgery next week. I will also be considering glycerol injections. Has anyone had success with them?

Does anyone get like a turrets reaction with the tn pain. I cant help but to scream no matter when I am. My son has asked me to please try not to scream when we go to functions and has asked me if I have tourettes. I also get trouble with speaking and twitches that are painful.

Well off to see the specialist I am praying for some relief.


I found that it helps SOOOOOOOOOO much more if you get quiet and close your eyes and breathe deep breaths.........and maybe double your fists up. Screaming and crying only makes it worse. Let me know how you're doing and what the new doc says.

I new here and have just seeing what others are going thru. I have screamed, slapped my own face in some crazy thought it would help. I empathize with you 110% I hope your specialist helped.