Nervus intermedius neuralgia

I'm wondering if anyone has had success from botox injections for nervus intermedius neuralgia, I dont like taking tegretol and have been off it for around 8mths, my pain is returning with a vengence

I have Geniculate Neuralgia. Never been offered or suggested to me. I had unsuccessful Gamma Knife Surgery last April 2013. Currently trying P-Stim implants , going for #4 on Thursday this week.

I am in control of my pain through medication but would like to not need so much or any at all for this GN.

Would like it to be gone. I'm sorry yours has returned. I went of Tegretol, had bad dizzy spells, am on amitryptiline now bwith no dizzy but some vertigo and more break through pain so I don't know. Guess I'll find out Thurs. You should get back on something. Let me know, don't do the denial thing and not get to the doctor. Be sweet to yourself...don't be in pain...okay?

Always~Laurel aka Shinglesdidit xo

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