Nervous, Frustrated, Angry

Only two days until my first neurologist appointment in ten years and I'm getting really nervous. The reminder call came today and I'm not seeing the same person that I saw the last time. His profile says that He specializes in head injury and concussion which I don't have? ( I just want answers, I want relief. All I want is someone who knows what they're doing to just help me! I can't keep living like this. My mom yells at me every time I get upset or frustrated because I'm in pain. She says I'm too much. She has no idea what I'm even going through and I don't even think she cares! I feel so trapped right now. I have nobody to talk to, I have to pretend I'm fine for my family so they won't get mad or threaten to pull me out of college, and I have to keep up with school on top of it all. Right now I have no idea what to do. All I am is just a burden on my family. Maybe if I was gone then they'd be happy. I just don't know what to do anymore......

Stop whatever you are doing right now and breathe. Google a crisis hotline and call them ASAP. That is what I do when I feel like you do. Try to relax the best way you know how. Focus on something else. Breath and count from 1-10. Try not to pop more pills. Try a heating pad - rest if you can. I feel like a burden all of the time - and I don’t talk about how i feel -
I learned that just makes it worse for myself and people around me. Talk to someone if you need to. You have to get it out. Good luck.

This mom is sending hugs, love & lots of prayers your way, hun! Find a school counselor or someone at school you can confide in....go to a church, and ask to speak to a pastor. SOMEONE will help you, you have to ask....Wished I could help you, I'm so far away. Poor baby girl! I'll keep praying doll....keep your head up, and talk to God, He hears ALL PRAYERS and carries ALL YOUR TEARS in His hands.

how the appointment went: