Nerve Block for ANT yesterday

My Neurosurgeon sent me to an ENT that does nerve blocks on people with face pain. So I went to him yesterday and he did what he called a nerve block…first deadened it with a shot…ouch!!..then what he called the nerve block…Lidocaine injection and then a Marcaine injection…In my gum area, not through the cheek. I can’t tell if it has helped yet because I’m in pain from the injections. He did tell me my gums would be sore. He also said this block is not long lasting… Could last one week or could be 3 to 4 weeks. Then I go back for a stronger one. I just don’t know. Ugh!
Have any of you had this kind of block? I just always thought a nerve block would have to be guided through imaging.

Hi, sounds interesting, I would like to know if anyone else has tried this, and how long it lasted etc. imagine if this was a cure, even for a short period, oh how to be pain free, a beautiful dream?
Thanks for the info.
Hugs Anne x