Need advise on treatment

Hi new friends! I need some advise. I was diagoised mid September after landing in the ER two days in a row when I was unable to eat or drink for several days due to sharp stabbing electric pain. I was diagnosed after MRI, thin sliced, radiologist noted nothing remarkable. I was sent home with Tegretol which I took for a few days and then stopped. After five days post ER the extended
Long lasting episodes have stopped and I only have single stabs (three weeks now)
A few times per day when eating drinking sometimes talking. I’ve been eating very clean no sugar, dairy, wheat. Seeing a gonstead chiropractor that focuses on nervous system. He thinks the c4 and c5 are compressed and that is causing the problem. I have an appointment with a neurosurgeon next week. Do people live like I am? Based on what’s going on I don’t know what to do, pursue surgery or just keep going like I am and see what happens. I appreciate your thoughts.

Personally, I would carry on the way you are. A lot of people keep going just on meds. Best of luck on whatever you decide.

I agree with Mary. Medication is the first to try. Usually a neurologist is your first stop.

The choice of neurosurgeon vs. chiropractor: I would see the neurosurgeon first before going to the chiropractor. The neurosurgeon will probably order an MRI MRA that will help demonstrate the cranial nerves. The cranial nerves are located in the brain stem/skull base area. The C4-C5 area of the neck has nothing to do with face or throat pain.

Thanks for your response. I’m planning on the neurosurgeon to review my MRI and see if anything was I overlooked. Even a few jabs a day, I dont know how people live like this. It is all consuming as it is. Very hard to know who to believe or what to do…seems everyone wants your money and says they can help you. Does anyone in this group know about removing foods that are anti inflammatory. Sugar, dairy, wheat??? Adding Wheat germ oil and other supplements??? Thank you!

Eating a well balanced diet has got to be good for everyone. I wouldn't buy expensive supplements though.

Hi Jules,

One of the many discussions folk have on this site, is where MRI's don't always show things conclusively. Check out the discussion on Atypical versus typical. May help you build a more rounded picture. Link is :

hope this helps.


Can I ask why it was that you stopped taking the Tegretol? Was this on medical advice?? I only ask because your story sounds like mine in the beginning, and it wasn't until I began taking tegretol that the pain was able to settle down somewhat.

I initially did not think it had sufficient time to be effective. I have since started taking it again 200mg per/day, per doctors advice, and have had almost zero pain in the last week. My fear is that it will become ineffective and I will continue to have ramp up. Has this been your experience? I continue to have no dairy, wheat or sugar in my diet to reduce chance of any inflammation.

Make sure to continue taking the medication even if the pain is gone and you feel better it could take up to 1-2 weeks to start working if you stop taking it the pain will come back and then you will have to start all over again I made the mistake myself . I hope the medicine works for you and no surgery needed like me 2 times and still on the meds .