My thoughts last night while I can't sleep

As bedtime seems to be drawing near

My thoughts in my head become full of fear.

As I wait to see if I will be able to sleep tonight

Or will I toss and turn and fight the fight

My left side of my head is so sore

And I pray to god please no more.

My eye twitches to the beat of my heart

And winking as become a form of art

Moving around till I find that comfortable spot

But not my left side, not my back , and now I am feel so hot

I get up and try a warm bath you see

Then I pour myself a nice hot cup of tea

The morning is coming as the darkness become light

And now my eyes become almost closed tight

One more day of lost sleep I can do Go to work ,

pretending and no one having a clue

I smile at my co-workers and then to my boss

But behind my closed door I seem so lost

Please lord let me sleep this night as you can see

This loss of sleep is just not for me.

by Me

My thought and prayers will be with you on Monday. My MVD surgery is scheduled for Wednesday. I am nervous about the surgery but would be more anxious if I had to rely on these drugs that make me feel like a zombie. I definitely understand the inability to go to your sons sporting events. I have 2 teenagers and feel like everything has been placed on hold. Thank you for the information on not blowing your nose after surgery. Do you have any other suggestions.

good luck on wednesday ,i am still in the hospital but things look good. my sugestion is take it slow and listen to you body i did not do that the first time. i drank plenty of water theday before this time and i did not throw up as much. other then that rest do not lift anything over5lbs the cirst twoweeks or go up stairs avoid anypulling on the incision.myprayers are witsh you

Please keep us posted on your progress. My thoughts and prayers continue to be with you. God bless you