My P-Stim treatments and other Updates on my Geniculate Neuralgia

It's too wild and wooly around here. Too much anxiety! Gotta get away.

I had my Son take out my P-Stim yesterday {a few hours after I was hoping..kept stinging me} and was hoping that the awful vertigo, hot and cold flushes, feeling not right from head to toe, would fade quickly but it was in bed with me most of the night. This morning I feel lots better as far as all that goes but the stabbing in my ear is back where it was muffled during the P-Stim. Oxy hasn't touched it so far and I guess I'll throw some Lorcet back but I've got things to try to accomplish to get out of here and let everyone have their space, escape to my Sisters space where I am needed and it is quiet. Taking my Traumatic Brain injured son with me as well, this environment is not the greatest for him these days. I'd call a family meeting but everyone's noses would get pushed out of joint I am sure. They haven't read the TBI book yet and think I coddle him. Oh well, back to P-Stim stuff

I think it may be working a bit. Pain was down, no breakthroughs...till today.

They put it on the opposite side of my head this time and I'm thinking that triggered the vertigo and floaty feeling?

I've been wondering...My Radiologist Oncologist diagnosed me with a thing called "Incomplete Circle of Willis" Basically the arterial network in my brain is incomplete. There has been some recovery done on my brains own doing but the network is LESS than whats needed and it's not right.

The P-Stim works on nerve paths which naturally have same path blood flow behind them.In a perfect world....

I wonder if this has anything to do with the vertigo and what-not. The first P-Stim on the side of my injured nerve exacerbated my pain so they tried on the other side, in the other ear. Now my pain was less during the treatment but I was bedridden. Small price to pay? It's only 4 days and Dr. will do up to 10 of these...2 down!

Oh and the other thing...I'm such a dead head....there was a slight change in the inconsistency on my nerve! YaY! Can't believe I forgot to note that!

So I'm wondering if I can't just put up with the vertigo and stuff for a couple of days every two weeks. I have good back-up here at home if I want it. I hurt everywhere when I lay in bed but I do have FMS so you'll have that.

Gonna go visit my Sister with my Son and just "be quiet". He needs that more than I do. Doesn't feel that anyone understands how he feels poor guy. So we'll spoil him rotten, I'll get away from my darling yet slightly unruly these days Grand-babes, and let Mom and Dad get a good dose of what's good for them.

I hope you all have a warm weekend and are sweet to yourselves.

I would welcome any thoughts you have. Thank you so much!

PeacenLove Always~Laurel

So over the weekend I've had uncontrolled pain. Don't know whether it's the weather or what but the vertigo is gone and the pain is back and neither the oxy nor the Lorcet are doing much good at all. I go back down to D-Town Wednesday for another P-Stim and I have no idea what side to tell them to put in on this time. I am aware that it takes up to 10 times to retrain the brain but I would think things would get slightly better each time. Not the case with me. I'll keep anyone who is interested...updated. Talk to ya Friday. PeacenLove~Always~Laurel

This time the Dr. and I discussed MVD as she had said early on that I was a candidate but I didn't want to go that invasive without trying some other things first. Now she says that even though they can see the damage on the nerve she doesn't think that they can fix the damage without causing deafness or paralysis to the left side of my face. I had just got myself all ready to do this and then got shut down. Oh, well, on with the P-Stim treatments.

Geniculate Neuralgia just doesn't have enough information available about it for these doctors to rush on full bore just because it works for their Trigeminal patients. I get that. In the meantime we are going to switch up a few of my meds as my daughter told doctor what a fall risk I was 24/7. The tegretol is a baddie I think although it is the one thing that allows me some sleep on occasion and with fibromyalgia, that comes rarely. Tegretol is on the chopping block and Atavil? is the new med to add to my mix. I may have that wrong, my daughter is picking is up after work today, I'll update if needed.

Well, other than that I'm inside for the next couple of days as it is too cold, the snow is too deep for me to venture out in it and this P-Stim gives me some vertigo and like I said, I'm a fall risk. So I'll hang out at Bens for the next couple of days.

See ya here, there or somewhere within Bens World.


The new med is Enbrel and I stopped the Tegretol and am already feeling less of the lightheadness and unsteadiness.

This morning finds me stiff and sore and barely able to walk...don't know what is going on. I didn't overdo yesterday but I sure had a long list of things to try to accomplish today. now what!?

All my joints and muscles are seized up from my toes to hips. This really sucks! Blizzard conditions out there so I'm not going to try to head to urgent care or anything....just try to tough it out here. Took quite the cocktail of meds just now to try to ease me out of this. I have family coming up tonight for the Holiday and I was going to do so many things today to be ready. Now it will all be on the shoulders of my Son and Daughter but mostly my Son...he's such a great guy and I know he won't bat an eye when he sees me incapacitated...but of those I Wish days...:(

Love ya'll....Happy Thanksgiving Holiday to you all <3