Mixed emotions

Over the past few months things have been so up and down that I don't know where to begin.

It looks as though I've gotten a new job. I applied not really expecting to hear back, and when I did I was so worried I'd be to drugged to even make it thru the first interview.

I showed up completely out of it, and was offered a better position then I applied for. Unfortunately that position was just full of potential TN triggers and potential problems (talking, wearing a head set and quick thinking). So I declined the position and asked if it was possible to still be in the running for the position I originally asked for.

The guy grilled me. "Why wouldn't you want a job with better pay and a great team". I took a deep breath and a huge risk and explained my reasoning. He just gave me this huge smile and told me that they strive to hire people who have disabilities and rambled off a large list of medical disorders and issues that they deal with. He told me that they strive for diversity and that he thought that it was incredibly admirable that I wanted to work full time. I got the job and will be starting next week. No more insensitive coworkers, no more customer interaction. Just me and a giant pile of paperwork :) I'm so excited and pleased. I can go back to fulltime hours without having to be overly physical!! Not to mention the job has full benefits!!

In other news, I FINALLY have found a family doctor. Its taken 7 months, and 2 hours of calling every doctor in the phone book but I was able to luck out and score one of the most compassionate doctors on the Island. So theres that.

As well, after 3 months of asking my neurologist to send my referral to a surgeon its finally been put through. The province approved my request and now I need to go down to the hospital to get my er reports and MRI sent out.

I'm still struggling with my family in terms of emotional support, but in the grand scheme of things as sucky as it is I'm lucky to have friends that are there for me to listen when I feel like everything is an uphill battle.

Sometimes it still just feels like i'm trapped in a maze that spans the entire continent of australia. Sometimes I still get tired of the cluster head aches, the pain and tears and yet sometimes things work out. Even if it means being lost for a while.

Thats just great news I am so happy for you. See just when things look there darkest it has a way of completely turning around. Working is important and working for an understanding boss and company is very important. Looks like you have found both. Get those records out and get to your neurosurgeon as soon as possible. Make sure you start writing down all the questions that you have in a notebook so you are prepared and dont forget anything. Lean on your friends they are there to support you and now is not the time to concern yourself with trying to figure out your families lack of compassion. Like I said the other day things get darkest before the sun comes out. Fight the battle you will win it and when you do think how great that feeling is going to be..Congrats again very happy for you..ED