Losing Disability

Has anyone who got disability, lost their disability? When I was approved, the booklet said "even if you are still found to have the same disability, your disability payments can be discontinued". I know I could be writing this on the disability group, but many people, including me, don't read it after awhile; I'll check in now and then, but I thought I would reach a larger audience this way. Am I paranoid?

Invisible, what kind of Disability? It matters a lot. When I couldno longer function I took the legal 90 days of short- term disability. That turned into California State Disability for the one year maximum by law. At the same time I had a private long-term disability policy. My salary was too high so I recieved my maximum of 60% or $6000 a month. The LTD policy paid the difference between the State and the policy. I applied for Social Security 2 1/2 years ago. I was denied, appealed and denied again. I go to trial this year where I hope to win. My LTD is my only income once the State maxed out. All of the laws usually state you are covered for up to three years if you cannot do YOUR job. After three years it is if you can’t do ANY job. I have been ruled to no longer perform skilled labor. I am fighting to prove I cannot do any labor. Even if I win. I have prove every year or two I am still totally disabled. It dam be taken away anytime. I am 51 and should be entitled for Disability and LTD until I am 65 but must constantly worry they can take it away at any time.

I was going to ask the type of disability as well.

In my experience you have an independent medical exam before losing it. I don’t believe it is a commkmon occurrance if you follow any requirements.

In answer, SSD, I got it on first try...and no I can't do any job.

If you got SSD on the first try that is great. Social Security may periodically check in with you to make sure you are still unable to work. You should not lose your benefits if you symptoms remain the same and you are unable to do "any" work. They will never just stop paying your benefits. A private LTD Carrier will continue to ask for records every year as they are losing money. no one wants to think they will never get better. It's a game. I applied for SSD in December of 2012, yes, 2012. I am still awaiting trial. My Claim and Appeal were denied but I should win at trial. I have been waiting 26 months for an answer. My entire life and unfortunately that of my children is trapped until this is resolved. It is criminal what they put you through. You should be perfectly safe if it is SSD. After two years you are Medicare eligible which helps as well. My doctor is $200 a visit for me now, but will be $16 once I am on Medicare. You have enough on your plate. I think you will be fine. Don't stress over it and good luck.

Thanks richard scott, I guess I'm just paranoid. My neurologist was very against me applying, and has kind of said very little to me in my last appointments, basically saying "that was all she could do", so I saw another neurologist who not only diagnosed another neuro problem, but started me on another med that has helped somewhat. But I got a copy of her report, and we miscommunicated in one area that made me sound non-compliant, plus she said my memory was intact...which if you lived with me you sure wouldn't say that. My next appt with her is this month, but if SSD looked at just that one page, it wouldn't look good.

When I sent my records in for SSD, they said they only looked at three out of the seven records I sent...and two of them told them hardly anything (endodontist). Guess that's why I didn't get paid for the years I didn't work. Last week I got a pre-recorded call asking if I wanted to try going back to work. That's what made me start getting even more paranoid.

Oh, by the way, when I left work in 2008, I was in so much pain, I totally forgot I had paid into long term disability and had short term disability available to me! It took awhile for me to get diagnosed. I piddled around with less "stressfull jobs and even jobs that were outside my education before deciding to apply for disability in 2012. I found a lot of help on-line in how to file. Even though it only took five months for them to decide, it took me almost a year to decide to apply and then fill out forms. I was so stressed, I was crying every day. Pain skyrocketed.

I'll let you know what happens down the road and good luck to you.

Still hoping to hear more feedback from others in group. thanks.

Ii wish you luck. With Neurologists I think everyone will have a twist on the diagnosis but it is all basically the same. My neurologist told me at first that he did not believe in STD or LTD because it meant giving up and he was not about to do that. he promised me he would get me back to the person I was before all this happened. Then he gave in for short-term disability and signed-off. After that, he gave in for State Disability and said that I may only return to 70% of myself and maybe this was it. By the time my Claim was denied, my Appeal was denied and I requested a trial date he has listed me as totally disabled and unable to perform any job with little hope for recovery. I am sure we both hope for the best. Once you are in the system I think you are very safe and should find a doctor who agrees with you and keep continuity with the paperwork. I have been averaging 50 doctor and 50 therapy visits a year for 3 years and still cannot get social security to agree to my doctor, internist, therapist and psychologist who all have declared my disabled. Sometimes it's just the person who reviews the Claim.

It is expected to try new treatments over time and that time might be helpful to heal. Even if I was in half as much pain tomorrow, I can never reestablish myself with the career and income I once had, my physical self mental health and my relationship with my children. I have no life to resume but I do not want to be in pain and bullied and harassed into proving my case.

I wish us both the best.

Invisible. I would like to hear more offline or in a private chat about what allowed you to have such good luck on the first try with Disability. What diagnosis, treatments etc. How long did you wait to hear? I know that my doctors and my lawyer are very experienced but they know I am growing anxious and frustrated with the process. I think I could teach them a few things referencing your case. I had no problem with Short-Term Disability, State Disability for one year and two years so far with my long-term disability insurance. I just requested another one-year request with that. When it comes to Social Security for Disability benefits I get shut out. My original Claim for Disability took 14 months to be denied. I appealed the outcome and one year later the Appeal was denied. I have been waiting four months now for a trial. I have been waiting 28 months for Social Security to correct their bad judgement. Each time they sent me to their own mental health doctor only. Within a week of each of those appointments I was denied. I have so much documentation, a dozen doctors and therapists that all represent me incredibly. Two of my doctors wrote the book on TN and are government experts on the topic and their testimony was just ignored. As I wait for a trial date I am a prisoner in a home I cannot afford, pay over $20,000 in out-of-pocket medical expenses each year, test just for Social Security. My doctors want to see this over. I have had to move one son out of the house and the other graduates high school and goes off to college this summer. I was planning or heading up North with him when it happens. Since you has such a great outcome on your first try, I am curious if you think you know what put you over? I am a single parent with two kids and two dogs. I have not worked in three years and I refuse being bullied and harassed much longer by my our government. I have had a reduction in overall income of over $150,000 a year. I am not doing this for the money. Legal protection, Medicare, a better case with my LTD company for sure, not for the cash. I can't take care of my family and I am sure you can understand how frustrating that can be.

Richard, I started out doing disability law. The reality is that for no rhyme or reason 2/3 rds of all claims are all rejected out of hand automatically twice. Period. My dad applied at 58 after knee surgery and was told he would bever get it the first time. He did. A client I had lost both his legs and was denied all the way to trial.

If you have experienced attornies, they have this. Unfortunately, this is disability and the nature of the ugly beast.

I just started drawing disability 3 months ago. I have had TN for over 4 years. Last May I quit work due to the condition. My neuro told me he did not want to put me on disability because it was too much paperwork. On my ssd application it says they do not ask your doctor to approve you for disability they just look at the records. I have been treated by many doctors before they found the TN. I had a tooth pulled and a crown put on a tooth at a cost of 3000. that did not need to be done. I tried acupuncture and a cervical care chiro and at cost of thousands of dollars with no relief. After spending all of my savings I just resigned myself that I would just try all the medicine they give you that make u crazy and tired all the time. I am currently taking 1200 mg of Oxcarbazepine and 200 mg of carbamazepine a day. I also have a compound cream I use for pain. He won't write a script for any kind of pain medicine he said he doesn't treat pain I had a laywerand was approved my first time for disability. I am 61 years old and was told many times SSD takes into account your age and how many years you have been working. I don't know if that is true. I also have neuropathy in my feet and legs that makes it difficult to stand or walk for very long. TN has totally changed my life. All of my days are a guessing game depending on the pain level. My daughter brought my new grandson home from the hospital last night and I was in pain and unable to spend time with them. I would be glad to work if I didn't have TN. They treat you like you are trying to pretend you have pain to get out of working..

after having been on ltd for 2 yrs with my work insurance i have just recently lost my my benefits and begun my appeal process. i am from canada so perhaps the process is different. according to a lawyer i checked with the insurer will likely reinstate my benefits once the appeal process has been properly applied for with all the necessary documentation. at worst they will ask that i also apply for cpp ltd, government supplied ltd, and then they will pay only 30% and cpp ltd pay the 55%. the amount should equal what i am receiving now. of course this is the second best case scenario. best case would be them honouring the policy as stated and continue paying as per contract. worst case scenario is them denying my appeal and me having to appeal again with perhaps legal power, a lawyer, hired to support my claim.

we are all paranoid as we must fight for a label we all do not want but need. we are vulnerable. all the best with your receiving a return of your benefits.

Neuorpathy is the worst because there is no way to affirmative prove you have pain in most cases. And unfortunately, politics and class warfare have endoctrinated the masses that people “fake” condictions to suck off the welfare system. Thus, neuropathic pain is subject more rejections than almost any other condition.