Just started lamictal, having nightmares, does it get better?

I have only taken three doses of lamictal, 25 mg each morning, and I have had nightmares the last two nights. I have had bad, negative dreams before, but nothing like these. They are vivid, frightening dreams that I had to wake myself from. My heart was pounding and I became overheated. When I finally fell back to sleep, I had another one, just not as bad. Some people say they get better. Has anybody experienced this?

Call your pharmacist today…

Call your dr. Tomorrow!

I have read that it’s fairly common. I was hoping to hear from someone that it gets better. I don’t think my doctor will change my med after only a few days.

I went through every pill known to man, before I started on Lamactil, and I did have bad dreams for a week or two, but at the same time the pain was getting better, there was a period when I could not eat for over two weeks and even drinking the high protein ensure was hard to do. I would let my doctor know. The lamactil worked for about 6 months and the pain broke through so I went up to 50 mg. twice a day, and six months later it broke through again and I am now on 100 mg. twice a day. Sometimes I get this eerie feeling that it is coming back especially if I am outside in a breeze, or taking a shower. those are the two things that scare me the most. Good luck to you.

I’ve been on Lamictal for the last two years. I take 200 mg twice a day. If I have pain I’ll add another 200 mg at lunch. I don’t remember having nightmares. I was thrilled that I didn’t have the nasty side effects that so many others complained off. When I have an episode of pain I’ll add 300 mg of grabapentin but I can only take it at night since it makes me so drowsy. I’m having a very bad episode of pain as I write this and taking an extra dose of Lamictal with 600 mg of Grabapentin isn’t touching the pain. I don’t dare take any more as I have to get up at 3 am for work. I can’t risk sleeping through my alarm. Thankfully I have my annual visit withy neurologist this week. He’ll probably recommend an MRI since I haven’t had one. Liz, I’m sorry I got off track. I may have had nightmares but I don’t remember. I don’t have them now and Lamictal has done better, with literally no side effects than anything else I’ve taken. I hope your nightmares end soon and that your pain is kept at bay.


I’m so sorry to hear about the nightmares/negative dreams you are having. I started on 25 mg of Lamictal and went up to 400 mg. Right away, I started having horrible nightmares where in the morning I would be so tired as it was just one nightmare after another. Sadly, it never got better and doctor’s showed no concern when I mentioned it to them. I only made it four months on the medication because it addition to the nightmares I was having episodes where I could barely see and was vomiting. It was disappointing because 400 mg of Lamictal was a huge help for my pain.

I finally reached the dose my neurologist prescribed, 200 mg in the morning, just last Friday. I'm still having very mild shocks. I have my Dr. stumped because I get shocks (not real severe) behind my ear and up by my forehead as well as on my cheek. He classified me as atypical. I also get pressure on both sides. I've been looking for what the maximum dose is. I think I'm on just a normal dose. He didn't give me extended release, if they have it. By the way, the nightmares stopped in just a couple days. No other physical side effects so far like I had with carbamazepine. I can think straight and my appetite has returned to normal.