Is my head leaking?

well saw my gp yesterday, he told me the horrible hallucinations i was having might have been from the zofran (sp) an anti nausea med they gave me. he got me on a 1mg valum to sleep and if im detoxing lyrica or something that would help me sleep, plus a antacid thing omeprazole, might be prilosec? any way earlier today i noticed my bandage was wet, not sure how it happened, so i took it off and dried it.

a couple hours later i blew my nose and water splashed on my arm. i was confused and though it was either from the tissue or from my ear?...neither the cut on my head. well it just happened like 15 minutes ago, and the dr told me to come to his office in the is my spinal fluid leaking?

I wish I knew what to tell you. You had the MVD, right? Maybe you should try the group sessions, they've had the surgery and might be able to shed some light for you. Good luck. Keep your wound clean.