Possible CSF Leak?

I had my MVD surgery this past March (2012) and have always seem to have problems around the surgery site. I get small 'bubbles' under the skin and then a bit of clear, thin liquid comes out. Could this be a possible CSF leak? I do get headaches if I sit up too long and pain just touching a certain area. This has been happening since that time, but feels like its getting worse. The 'leak' is very slight, but is it something I should get looked at my a regular appointment or would I need an urgent care/ER visit? I don't feel threatened for my life, but it is very uncomfortable. Anything would help. Thanks.

Hi Katie, I’m not a doctor but I would definately have it looked at asap just to be sure, especially if it’s causing you concern or discomfort.
Good luck let us know how you make out?!
(( hugs))

Katie, I would call your surgeon right away. It could be anything from fluid due to the wound to CSF to who knows what. The point is you know it's not supposed to be there. If it is in fact CSF leaking, there's a big chance that wherever it's coming out from, something bad can be going in. That can lead to something very serious, such as meningitis. No matter what, it needs to be checked out. Make sure you're very specific when you call as to why you need to see the doctor so that they don't make you wait a long time to see him.

If you get symptoms such as a worsening headache, nausea, vomiting, fever, stiffness of the neck, extreme dizziness, etc., go to the ER.

Keep us posted!

Hi katie i had my first mvd surgery in april 3rd 2012 and they confirmed a leak wheni was in there but they were hoping it would drain on its own months went by and it took over my life they new it was not a spinal leak as i had all the test but the pain in the spot where they drilled and my ear was unbearable. I had my second one on the 17th. And when they reopened were thr drilled the hole out poured water he said causing me pressure which i have been telling them al along. They new the leak was there put they were hoping it woild heal itself but the pain and twitching tokover everypart of my life. Youshouldhave the test down right away forsure then discuss the results and what plan action you can take. Dont let it go you know if something is not right goodluck! Clh