Is anyone on disability or how do you work also does carbamazepine make your hand kind of jump

my hand kind of jumps alittle when i'm holding a fork or something

Small involuntary movements are a reported side effect of Carbamazepine. See

Regards, Red

Mine do that with Trileptal too.. :(

Add gabapentin to the list, I have tremors too! Most neurological and psychiatric drugs seem to do this sort of thing.

I was trying to take a photo yesterday and every one of them was fuzzy as I couldn't hold it still!

Omg yes! I tried explaining it to my mom and she’s like what? Doesn’t get it. I’m on gabapentin too! And epitol:(

Wow! This happens to me to and I just noticed it today. I'm on 1800mg of Gabapentin and 400mg of Epitol. It's good to have this type of forum so that we can learn from each other and not panic over new things we may notice in taking these kind of medication. However, my next question is: is anyone on disability because of Trigeminal Neuralgia?

I too, have noticed my hand jumping when using my touch screen phone, but i no longer have caffeine shakes after drinking coffee with no meal. Any reason for this?

Epitol (tegretol)

its not uncommon for jerk motions kind of drives me nuts, doesn[t happen often though. I do work while on disability but the dizzyness of the carbo meds is worse, comes and goes doctor says whats worse the pain or dizzyness, I opt for the dizzyness best of luck for you

i want to know if anyone who is on carbamazepine will go for awhile with no symptoms that bam it starts, the dizzyness. Some aren't bad but others are. I will be at work and it hits me where I can'[t even read, or drive. The doctor told me this is the best treatment and would i rather live with the occassional dizzyness or the pain. So i choose the dizzyness the med level makes it all go away

Yes, in addition to me being dopey, forgetful and tired, I also have shaky hands at times.

I get reocurrance of symptoms from Carbamazepine as well. I blame myself for not taking the pills at the exact same time. Sometimes I miss the dose by a couple of hours, and then whe I take my 3 pills I tend to get mild relaps of side effects.
Ive been on 1200mg for what seems like forever now. I added Butrans patch this last year and it has made a huge difference. That is why I am able to be “forget” my carbo’s


I'm on 1200 carbapinezine a day what dosages are anyone else on out here, My jaws acting up so i think i may need more, my doctor wont do the surgery