Is anyone ever able to stop an episode of tn or atn

Hi again,

Is anyone able to stop an episode before it gets too bad? I'm not on any meds yet. So far the pain has been annoying but not intolerable. I keep waiting for it to get worse, so I'm wondering if anyone has ever been able to stop an episode before it gets worse?


The second I feel it I have to back off what I am doing and take a proper break. The resting pose of Alexander technique is good for me, and child’s pose is comfortable too.
This can make an ATN episode subside after a couple of hours. Does not always work, though, and only effective if I am in a good period generally. And anything that gets my circulation going, for instance exercise (a brisk walk if it is not windy) is excellent for me.

Alcohol will set me up for an attack no matter what, the same with unrelenting noise and computer use for more than 25 mins. Crying can hardly ever be helped, but sometimes you just need to cry and deal with the pain that results later.

The TN is mostly too unpredictable to prevent for me. The only thing I can do is to stay out of sun, wind and a/c. But meds normally control my TN so I am not desperate yet.

Thanks for responding. I'll have to look up the Alexander technique. I'm currently not on meds.Whenever I have pain, it generally doesn't last too long, thankfully. I have been trying to be more active by walking and doing chores around the house.

It sure helps to be part of this support group. I appreciate everyone on this site. :-)

I had my first electric shocks for the first time in a couple of years over this past weekend. It was terrifying to have it return, although it wasn't monumentally painful, I found myself mostly scared at the prospect of that aspect of the disease returning. I woke my partner, and told him that I might quickly find myself in pain-land.

I thankfully have family close by, and was able to drop my 5 and 3 year old with their aunties who are very versed in noticing just by facial expression the amount of pain I happen to be in. I hope you have this level of support.

I laid on the couch, and practice medication, although sometimes laying down increases the frequency of spikes.

I was lucky, and fell asleep after the fiftieth shock of so, and found the shocks gone when I awoke. It has been replaced with a coming and going general ache that has plagued me the last two days. I'm trying to stave it off today; wish me luck!

Oh my gosh, Alexandria, fifty shocks? Man, that’s rough!

I’ve only had one very bad electric shock feeling and that happened last October 31 while eating dinner. It was only ONE though and only lasted a second or two.

I hope you feel much better today and that it lasts! I do wish you good luck and I’m sending you positive thoughts.

To stop an attack or lessen it

Try RX

Lidocaine face patches…generic

If needed

Lidocaine mouthwash!