In pain today

I had a really bad nights sleep, pain in face kept waking me up. I took extra tablets but they didn't seem to do anything. I am seeing the doctor later so hopefully he can prescribe me some more medication, not that I want anymore, I feel like a babies rattle with all the tablets inside me,lol. I suppose at least I can laugh not that I want to.

I’m so sorry. Let us know what the dr rx’s. Feel better!

So sorry! I'm in the same exact condition attempting third medication, as the ones that worked for years suddenly stopped working. Like you, I'm taking a host of pills: weaning off the old med and working up dosage on the new with the pain unabateing and lots of side affects.

Bless you for laughing through this brave soul! Best luck arriving at pain free! -- Priscilla

Doctor has doubled my dosage aswell as adding amitriptyline. Let's see where I go from here. Thanks for your support.xx