Some clever writer used some nice phrases to describe how imagination works. The one that struck home most for me was, (paraphrased) “Look around you. See what is not there”. It is very difficult to see what is not there when pain is like a raging fire somewhere on or in your body. Fortunately, I have not had to endure this level of continuous pain until I feel disemboweled for about two years, but I’ll never forget it. Unlike childbirth pains, there is no gift at the end of the pain, so there is nothing to take away the memory of it after it subsides.
Now, there is this black phantom shadow swishing inside of my brain guarding me from ever forgetting my worse pain and always threatening to make it come back if I don’t do what needs to be done to minimize an episode. When lightening strikes my face, or it feels for a few moments like my facial bones are being crushed, or my eardrum is being sucked into a black hole, or some things like those, this means…
Break Time!
So, to imagine what is not there at these shorter in duration painful times makes perfect sense. I imagine floating away in the palms of the soft, warm, peacful and loving hands of God; resting and relaxing in the care of my maker just for a moment, or sometimes for the time it takes for my pain to subside. This is a momentous way to imagine what is not there and to make what you want to appear. It’s a nice break, and it works for me.
Close your eyes and see yourself doing something that seems impossible for you. Be there and make it real. Jump out of an airplane, run a marathon and enjoy the endomorphic rush. Rest in the sleepy, moss ridden, gently swaying hollow of a giant redwood tree branch. All the sensations of these experiences are within the capacity of your mind. Isn’t that terrific?
When you get a chance have a look at the link above…this young man has healed his own mother from TN years ago with energy work and imagery. His mom has MS too.
I’ve spent the last day or so reading up on him, he firmly believes in the power of imagery and visualization to help us heal ourselves. Really interesting.
Ive always used imagery, especially when this pain has been relentless, it does help.
(( hugs)) Mimi