Here is a thought. Imagine you are the world. Somehow, like your own real body, you, the world, is operating within an orbit along with other planets, revolving around the sun, and you are populated with human beings.

I know, it’s kind of hard to imagine this when you are not spherical, but play along with the idea of being the world. I have a copy of a spherical person in my photo album if you need a visual.

Now imagine why you are feeling the pain you are feeling. The left side of my head is ravaged with remnants of the world’s history of savagery, with wars still raging each day. I feel it in my face, others in their world feel it in other places, perhaps, much more painfully. Perhaps on their world, a nuclear war has transpired and they have lost body parts due to real wars in very real situations, and the pain and the decimation of their once strong body has wrecked hope for ever being the person they once were.

My friends, when pain strikes, tsunami waves of disability wash over us. Our world becomes very small when pain wreaks havoc on and within it.

Like the real world, pain and suffering happens all the time. Most people can ignore really horrific pain, but there are some who, for reasons that vary as greatly as there are stars in the sky, face pain all the time.

Pain is the lowest of low. How to rise above it, or at least live graciously with it, is challenging. I love this support group because we can speak our mind and expose our innermost thoughts to others who face similar fates.

Okay. Group hug everyone, group hug. Oh yeah, that’s nice. My pain feels relieved already. Keep it up, pass it around. John Lennon would agree…Imagine… You have just made my world a better place to live. Thanks.

Love this!!!!!!!

Thanks for commenting on my blog Donna.