I'm Tired and Need Help ASAP

Hello fellow TN patients. I am sitting at home on this beautiful Easter Sunday because I am in soooooooooooo much pain I cannot leave home. I am ready to take my treatment to another level. Does ANYONE know about the Laser Medical Center in Myrtle Beach, SC that treats TN through laser treatment? Any feedback (good, bad, or indifferent) would be helpful!

Hi, This questions seems to come up every few months. I would suggesting putting it into the search box above and read the many comments before you make any desicions. In the past their representative have tried to spam this site and have been very rude to our members and moderators trying to keep our members safe. I have yet to hear anything positive from those who have spend the outragious fees for their “services”. Please be cautious and do your reasearch.
take care,

I would think if it was THAT helpful that ALL of us would have gone there for treatment. Be very cautious. Good luck!


Kimberly (KC Dancer) always advises people to get lidocaine patches and perhaps even lidocaine mouthwash if your pain is mostly in your teeth/mouth. I haven't tried either because they're not sold in my country, but I think they'd be worth a shot. At one point I was also interested in laser therapy, but none of the hospitals I contacted provide that kind of a treatment, so I became a bit suspicious. I'm usually helped by acupuncture, although temporarily. And the first few times I had acupucture I reacted badly to it, it only improved with time and a change of doctor. Hope you're feeling better today!

Dear LoveLife, My MVD surgery was April1 at MUSC and Dr. Sunil Patel was my surgeon. Please add them to your research. I give him, his team and hospital staff the highest test scores possible. I believe my TN is gone and I do have to give my surgery time for complete healing. Blessings.